About Us

The Blue Goose Gallery of Artists is simply one of the best Artist Co-ops you'll ever see! The talent and dedication that is the backbone of this gallery provides the basis of a vibrant and exciting place to experience art. Come in and stay awhile......you'll be glad you did!

The Blue Goose Gallery of Artists is the amazing realization of a vision, brought together by the hard work and dedication of many talented people who care about and support the arts. The origins of the co-op actually began in 1991 when Deb Groesser opened her first gallery in Lake Almanor. Over the years with constantly improving and expanding the gallery and framing business, the client base grew and the gallery became a very special part of the community.

When Deb prepared to move to Fort Collins, Colorado to be closer to family, she wanted to keep the gallery spirit alive in Chester, and the best way to do that was to turn the gallery into an artist cooperative. Through her years of business and gallery experience, teaching art workshops and supporting the community, Deb was able to draw on her contacts to help create the new artists' co-op. The Blue Goose Gallery of Artists became a wonderful reality in record time, and is a shining light for art lovers, artists and the community.

The Blue Goose invites you to make tracks into the Gallery to see what all the honking is about! Come in and get some "Goose Bumps" from all the beautiful artwork!

Board of Directors: (will be revised)

Deb Groesser                         Chair / Artist

Debbie Brownrigg                   Managing Director     

Gayle Hutchinson                   Director

Jan Harston                            Director / Artist

Jacquie Cordova                    Director / Artist

Henny Sheperd                      Director / Artist

Eva Havelik                            Director (interim)

Susan Dunclau                      Director (interim)