Come Fall in Love with our Blue Goose Gallery Event

First Friday at the Goose!


Fall is in the air and our summer party season is winding down.
Join us in our final hurrah as we gather and celebrate our artists at the October First Friday event.
 Our five Featured Artists will share new work
and demonstrate how they create their artwork.
It promises to be a fun evening!
 Please join us!


Friday Evening

October 5
 5 - 8 pm

“Climb Every Mountain”

Blue Goose Gallery of Artists
 607 Main Street - Chester, CA


October Featured Artists
Gayle Bower, rope basketry & papier mache'
Eva Havelik, collage
Teri Strong, oil painter
Deb Groesser, watercolor & acrylic
Lynda Alberico, pine needle baskets & gourds



Lynda Alberico

pine needle baskets & gourds

"And the day came when the desire to remain the same was more painful than the risk to grow."        - anonymous


I have been creating art in many different mediums for over forty years.  My passion for the last fourteen years has been making pine needle baskets and decorative gourds. What is so intriguing to me is how they find their own shape as I am stitching each row.  When I start one I never know what the final design will be.  Each one is a unique one of a kind.  The pine needles I use are long leaf pines from North Carolina and the black walnuts add a unique look.  The gourds are from Wemple’s Pumpkin Patch in Milford, California.  My husband cleans and prepares them for me which I really appreciate!

I am blessed to have been chosen to join the Blue Goose. I am looking forward to being part of this wonderful family of artists!




Teri Strong

oil painting

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"         - Picasso 


Classicly trained artist, Teri Strong, has spent the last four decades orchestrating landscapes, perfecting still life and painting what inspires her. She enjoys painting the world around her whether it's of her own garden, family members or travel experiences. Teri's studio is based in Northern California.

 As a student, Teri won an award where she was honored at San Francisco City Hall for her artwork. This experience sparked a lifelong passion for art. She studied under Chilean master artist, Luis Busta, and through that discovered her love for impressionist still life.

She believes that when you learn to see the world with the eye of an artist, you can find beauty and inspiration in what might be perceived as ordinary. Teri paints to recharge & balance the soul.




Eva Havelick


"Life is not fair. Get used to it".
                          - Bill Gates


Collage is an ancient art where you glue pieces of paper to a flat surface.  It so happens that several years ago it provided me with a chance to use some of the decorative papers I have been collecting and saving in a special box. Collage also reminded me of a half forgotten quote of, I believe, Albert Einstein, "To Be A Voice, Not  An Echo" and another one by someone else "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new".  And I was ready for something new, and that is how and why I settled on doing collage. 

Though most of the rules of composition still apply, collage is different from making watercolor paintings which is what I had been doing.  While making changes in your watercolors is not impossible, it is difficult at best.  Not so in collage.  I can make any number of changes in my pictures by simply rearranging my pieces of paper till I am happy with the results and then I glue them to that flat surface.  These days I make most of my papers myself by applying acrylic paint to tissue paper.

My art is whimsical and people who buy my paintings tell me that they make them smile when they pass them on their walls, and I consider that a very high compliment.  Nature in its many forms is my main inspiration and spending a lot of time at Lake Almanor offers many opportunities.  I feel myself very fortunate to be a member of the Blue Goose Gallery and believe the camaraderie and challenges of my fellow artists to be an extra special fringe benefit.



Gayle Bower

rope basketry & papier mache'

 "Art is not a thing, it is a way."  
                             Elbert Hubbard


"Art is a pain in the neck. 

Trying to get an art piece to turn out the way I think it should can be infuriating, depressing, tiresome, and compulsive. 
Why, you ask, do I do it? 
Because I can’t NOT do it!

It is a passion, an addiction and something I live for. I see art in everything. When I look out the window and see the colors of the landscape I often center on one particular color. If I try to replicate I find I have to take it apart to see all the colors that make up that one color.  It is impossible for me to get it perfect. And it haunts me. Occasionally It comes back when I see a magazine page, an ad on T.V., and I don’t want to settle for ‘almost’ that color. I want that color I saw the day I looked out the window. I’m impatient, so I often have to put searching for ‘that color’ aside until my mind is ready to let go of the answer to how much blue and how much green or it needs black. Then the color comes easily like there had never been any difficulty at all. The color is saying to me, “what, you moron, I was here all the time. All you had to do was stop searching so hard, and let it come up to your conscious mind.” 

I am a retired psychotherapist. To help people I often had to pay more attention to my intuition than what I learned in my classes. Often what a person presented as the problem was not the problem at all, and it was my job to discover, through words, body language, and sometimes silence what the problem was. I often had to break down their sentences,check out their ‘fidgeting’ to determine what they were actually trying to tell me, just as the color I want must be broken down into several colors that make up the whole, which is the color I want. I have had to learn to trust myself.

My art is totally intuitive. I have to trust that a piece I create represents what I see in my mind, and what I intuit as being spot on what I have seen in my mind. This is trusting myself in that what I have created is satisfying, beautiful, and in some of my work, useful. I like unfussy, simple pieces. When I started showing at the Blue Goose Gallery I made only Papier Mache pieces. Then I started making  lamps with beautiful hand made papers.  Then I found out I liked to make rope bowls. I’m not sure what is next on the horizon. Each time I have started a new medium it has enhanced the art that I started with. It is circular. It always comes back to the beginning with the Papier mache. How can I integrate my love of Papier mache into making rope bowls. My mind is working on it, but the solution has not bubbled up to the surface yet. Maybe paper jewelry will be next. It is very intriguing to me. 

I invite you to come to the Blue Goose Gallery. It is an amazing place that represents many different expressions of art, by many different artists who are supremely talented. "





Deb Groesser

watercolor & acrylic

"Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."             - Steve Jobs


Art has been a source of joy in my life since I can remember.  I think finger-painting in kindergarten helped set the stage for mixing colors and having fun with painting. As a kid, a favorite part of coloring with crayons was mixing them together on the paper to make even more colors than the 64 in the box. My brain seemed to like mixing colors, as I found myself often looking at things, such as a shirt and a jacket and mixing their colors together in my mind.  

Art studies had to wait until my early twenties, when I squeezed art classes into a busy schedule of raising a family and working.  Creating art is a forever wonderful learning process.  It takes you into ‘the zone’ where time stands still.  And there is always a new inspiration around the next corner.


After years of painting both in acrylics and watercolor and teaching workshops, art continues to be one of the best parts of a wonderful life.  For these past many, many years, art has given me the vehicle to give back to others …. through sharing the magic of art with my students to making donations of artwork to help raise money for a variety of worthwhile causes.  Being able to be an artist is a privilege I am grateful for every day. 

The Blue Goose Gallery is truly an amazing place, and customers feel that when they walk through the front door....they will often stop in wide-eyed amazement.  They just can’t believe that this quality of artwork and the size of the gallery are located in this tiny mountain town.  Visitors come from all over…. just this past month when I was working in the gallery, I visited with folks from Florida, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and all over California.  They call the gallery a real gem…. and I have to agree with them!  It's a joy to be part of this amazing group of artists and watch how this co-op just keeps getting better!






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